Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

We serve a variety of customers for plumbing, gas and pipefitting, including:

  • Residential construction, renovations and repairs
  • Multilevel residential and mixed-use
  • Commercial buildings
    • Hotels, restaurants, offices, grocery stores, greenhouses, automotive repair shops, marinas, tenant improvements
  • Industrial facilities
    • Pulp mills, manufacturing plants, breweries, distilleries, wineries, fueling terminals, chemical plants
  • Institutions
    • Care homes, schools, hospitals
  • Municipalities
    • Water treatment plants, pump and lift stations, parks, arenas and recreation centres


  • Emergency repair of leaks, clogged pipes and venting issues
  • Fixture installation, service and replacement including faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs and showers
  • Hot water tank installation and maintenance (see below)
  • Boilers and hot water heating
  • Backflow preventer installation, maintenance and annual testing
  • Line freezing up to 2" NPS

Gas Fitting

  • Fortis BC LogoNatural gas and propane
  • Class A and B fitters
  • New installations and maintenance for all gas fired appliances including barbeques, water heaters, ranges, fireplaces, unit heaters and air handing units
  • Gas piping and venting for all appliances
  • Conversions (LPG-NG or NG-LPG)
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Annual servicing for safety requirements, optimal performance and peace of mind

Pipefitting / Steamfitting

  • Steam and process piping for all industries  Red Seal Logo
  • Spading activities for isolation and confined space entry requirements
  • Line freezing up to 2" NPS

Drain, Septic and Sewer line inspections, clearing, cleaning and locating

  • Camera and video inspections
  • Augering and hydro jetting of pipes of 1-1/4” ø and up
  • Underground and unseen pipe locating from 1-1/2”ø and up

Hot Water Tanks and Tankless systems



  • New installations, replacements and upgrades
  • Gas, propane and electric systemsJohn Wood Logo
  • Certified Rinnai and Navien tankless / on demand system installer
  • Heat pump hot water heaters
  • Annual servicing as recommended by your warranty

Backflow Prevention

  • Backflow Prevention GaugeInstallation and maintenance of new and existing devices by a BCWWA certified cross connection control specialists
  • Annual testing and recertification of BFPs
  • Electronic and paper reporting options
  • We can and will repair devices over replacement to reduce your costs

Boilers and Hot Water (Hydronic Heating)

  • Hot water boilers, combination boilers (domestic and heating water), storage tanks, pumps, piping and controls
  • BoilerRadiator installs, repairs and replacement
  • In floor heating
  • Zone valve replacement
  • Annual inspections and servicing

Pumps and Mechanical Equipment

  • Installation of pumps, piping and mechanical equipment.

Medical Gas Piping

  • Medical Gas PipesEquipment and pipeline systems for Public or private health care facilities:
      • oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, helium
      • instrument air and nitrogen
      • medical vacuum
      • anesthetic gas scavenging systems

    Preventative and Proactive Maintenance

    • Preventive maintenance will help prevent unnecessary hassles and costs in the future
    • Meet your appliance warranty recommendations and ensure safe operation
    • Focusing on condition-based over time-based principles where possible
    • Minimize or eliminate your downtime and frustration

    Project Management and Scheduling

    • Project Management Institute LogoOur Project Management Professional (PMP) as credited from the Project Management Institute has been in the construction and industrial industries for over 25 years.
    • We will apply experience-based and proven management principles to help your project, whatever it may be, become a success.

    We look forward to hearing from you. 

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